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Yeast Infection In Women

Yeast Infection In Women3 out of every 4 women will experience yeast infection at one point in their life. Half of those who experience it will find recurring cases of yeast infection. Although a subject that is not commonly discussed, yeast infection in women is an easily preventable condition and with the proper knowledge and adherence to basic hygiene, need not pose serious threat to any woman.

By itself, yeast infection does not create major problems. While the initial symptoms of the disease are similar to the symptoms found in some types of sexually transmitted diseases, there is no serious health threat posed by a yeast infection in women. Except in worse case scenarios, the reproductive health of the patient need not be compromised, especially with immediate treatment. The most commonly occurring type of yeast infection in women experience is called candidiasis, and is caused by the normally occurring bacteria known as Candida albicans. This germ grows on the moist lining of the body such as the mouth and the vagina, and is part of the natural symbiosis within each individual.

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The health condition that is known as candidiasis develops only when factors lead to an imbalance in the levels of the Candida bacteria in the body. There are several major causes of yeast infection in women, all generally causing the ailment through a disruption in the general equilibrium between yeast and other yeast-fighting microorganisms in the body. The most common cause is faulty hygiene, especially when it comes to feminine care. Because the vagina is a particularly warm and moist part of the female body, it is especially prone to bacterial outbreaks when kept unclean.

Other common factors that lead to the development of candidiasis in women are the wearing of tight clothes and synthetic underwear. In general, when the body temperature is heightened, the microorganisms in the body have greater chances of developing and multiplying exponentially. Synthetic underwear does not only add heat to the vagina because it does not contain fibers that allow the skin to breath, but the synthetic fibers are also perfect breeding grounds for bacterial growth.

The symptoms of yeast infection in women are the presence of thick and cheesy smelling growth on the lining of the vagina as well as similar excretions. During sexual activity, the vagina is also easily irritated and is easily bruised, making intercourse difficult. If you are suffering these symptoms, it is important to get immediate diagnosis to rule out other illnesses such as sexually transmitted diseases. For treatment, there are various options that can be looked into.

The most common and conventional treatment for yeast infection in women is the use of over the counter pills and topically applied ointments. While these do appear to often get good results, the relief is all too often short lived. Many over-the-counter medications focus on the symptoms of yeast overgrowth and neglect the root causes of the illness. Holistic treatment processes are fast becoming the treatment of choice for thousands of sufferers worldwide. Natural treatments offer a range of advantages including fast relief of pain, permanent treatment of yeast infections, and no known negative side effects.

With immediate treatment, yeast infections in women need not be disruptive and need not exist for long. Some natural cures claim to be able to completely clear up infections within just a couple of days when applied correctly.

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