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Yeast Infection in Mouth

Yeast Infection in MouthYeast infection in the mouth or oral yeast infection is caused by the same yeast that also causes vaginal yeast infection. This yeast, which is called Candida, is a naturally occurring fungus which can be found in the skin, vagina, underarm, and various digestive tracts of the body. A certain yeast organism in the Candida family called Monilia arbicans causes the yeast infection in mouth and is called thrush. This yeast organism usually infects the mouth and throat and particularly afflicts infants and the elderly. The Candida yeast organism is said to cause the disease by invading the surrounding tissues and by inducing a hypersensitive state.

Some can even produce toxins that will weaken the tissue cells. In this case, it would present a serious health risk especially since it usually occurs in infants and elderly people. This would mean that they can be doorways for other types of diseases or infections that their weakened immune system will have difficulty fending off.

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The yeast infection in mouth or also known as oral candidiasis has four clinical forms or signs.

Moniliasis or thrush which can be ascertained by the presence of a white and creamy or in some cases yellow coating in the mouth, tongue, lips, gums or pretty much most of the surface of the oral region. When this coating is scraped off, a red layer of tissue can be found beneath it.

Erythematous type is evident when there are patches in the palate of the mouth and on the tongue that will peel and are also of a red color.

Hyperplastic form of this disease can be hard to spot since they may appear as patches of food coloring in the mouth or those caused by tobacco stains. These patches of extra tissue are not easy to scrape off.

Angular cheilitis is a form that is characterized by cracks at the corners of the mouth, predominantly red in color. These are also protected by a thin pseudo of false membrane. This clinical form can take place with the other forms of candidiasis or can occur separately. Care should be taken in diagnosing this sign since it can also be a symptom of B complex vitamin deficiency, exposure to the sun, lip licking and even dysmenorrheal.

Yeast infection in the mouth can cause it to have itching and burning sensations. These are said to be asymptomatic however. In addition, the person afflicted with this type of infection may also experience a craving for alcohol, bread and sugar. They may also experience stomach upset, muscle pains, fatigue and depression.

The yeast infection in the mouth is primarily caused by sudden changes in oral activity such as the ingestion of a different type of food. Certain drug therapies can also bring about a change in oral activity as well as underlying systemic diseases. The most common treatment for this infection is by the use of antibiotics which will halt and lower the attack of the Candida yeast. A healthy and well balance diet that is specifically design to alleviate the symptoms is also incorporated in the treatment along with a healthy dose of vitamins.

Natural treatments are also highly effective in curing oral yeast infections. Not only do natural treatments combat yeast rapidly, they also provide a long lasting cure which is where many over the counter medications fall down.

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