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Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Yeast Infection During PregnancyIt is not uncommon for a person to experience infections in life. From as early as childhood, minor scrapes, bruises, and injuries are all venues for harmful bacteria to enter the body. With the advances in medicine, however, it is often very easy to combat these infections through medication. Among the special types of infection which commonly occur, especially among women, is candidiasis or yeast infection. Affecting as much as 75 percent of all women, candidiasis also has a rate of recurrence of as high as half of all the women who get the disease. One of the most complex types of candidiasis, however, is yeast infection during pregnancy.


The most dangerous effect of a yeast infection during pregnancy is the possibility of transmitting the infection to the infant during childbirth. Within the mother's body, the fetus may remain safe as long as the bloodstream is not polluted with large amounts of the bacteria. Because food is provided to the infant through the umbilical cord, the nine months within the womb may remain safe. During delivery, however, oral contamination may occur, leading to a yeast infection in the infant.

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The significant consequence of yeast infection during pregnancy is that the bodies of both the mother and the infant are often frail during and especially after the pregnancy - the mother from the tasking effort of developing a human being within her, and the infant from the unprepared body that may not yet have functional body defenses and immune systems. Because of this, yeast infections can be potentially deadly. In the infant, the use of antibiotics, which is usually the treatment option for adults, is also risky since it can dangerously create an imbalance in the scant amounts of good bacteria that is normally found in the healthy human body. Apart from this, over-medicated infants tend to grow into frail children in the long run.


When it comes to yeast infection during pregnancy, the best step remains to be prevention, rather than cure. This is especially true for the infant, who may not tolerate antifungal treatment well. The best course of action is to immediately get candidiasis diagnosis once entering pregnancy. This will ensure that early treatment is carried out for the mother before the term expires and the time for childbirth and delivery happens. Because yeast infections can be recurring conditions for some women, it is also best to consider lifestyle changes to remove the possibility of the disease recurring again. Such lifestyle changes include healthier living, reduction in excessive alcohol intake, cigarette smoking, and excessive consumption of wheat and other yeast fostering foods such as mushrooms.

Once yeast infection during pregnancy occurs, however, and if prevention is out the question, the most important step is to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the child. Because of the critical state that pregnancy leaves both mother and child, always seek professional medical help first. While more difficult that other forms of yeast infection, there are effective medical means to bring mother and child back to health.

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