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Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal ThrushVaginal thrush is an infection of the vagina caused by yeast or fungus. It is also called vaginal candidiasis or more commonly known as a yeast infection. This type of yeast that lives in the skin and is primarily located around the areas of the vagina is called Candida. The Candida yeast is naturally occurring in the vagina because the most favorable environment for it are the areas that are warm, moist and relatively airless parts of the body. They can also grow in other parts of the body like the groin, the mouth and in and around the diaper area in infants.

Symptoms of Vaginal Thrush

The woman with an onset of this disease will usually know about it because of a number of symptoms that are uncomfortable. One of the symptoms is a variety of vaginal discharge. This is characterized by thick, milky and curd-like substance flowing out of the vagina, which may or may not have any odor. This symptom may be an inconvenience at the most because it can be countered by a sanitary pad, however, this discharge will further increase the number of yeast cells in the vagina if not cleaned regularly.

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Another symptom of vaginal thrush occurs in the vulva or the lips of the vagina itself. This is usually manifested by itching, stinging or even a burning sensation on that part of the vagina. The area around and the vulva itself will look irritated and inflamed because the tissue of this part of the body has become fragile and will tear or can be easily lacerated if scratched. It can also be lacerated during sexual intercourse, so it would be best for the woman to refrain from further sexual activity during this time and until the thrush is fully treated.


These symptoms of a vaginal thrush should not be taken as a sure diagnosis however. There are other diseases that are more serious that have the same symptoms and therefore, a professional diagnosis from a medical doctor, preferably a gynecologist, is recommended. The woman will have to undergo a pelvic exam so that the discharge can be examined or perhaps even cultured to be absolutely sure.


Vaginal thrush can be treated in a couple of ways. The first is to use antibiotics, either oral, cream or vaginal suppositories. However, the downside of these antibiotics is that they may also harm the other microscopic organisms that are naturally occurring within the body. This would cause an imbalance and in some cases the thrush will return while the woman's bodily chemical balance is in worse condition.

Natural treatment plans are a more effective "long term" solution to curing vaginal thrush. A range of natural treatments exist and these are quickly becoming the treatment of choice throughout Europe, Asia, and little by little in America. Natural treatments have no known side effects and can often eliminate symptoms of thrush in as little as 48 hours.

Prevention is another option, although it is a bit tricky because a normal amount of yeast in the body is healthy in keeping the balance. The best and safest prevention would be to cut down on sugar intake, lessen vaginal douching and to wear cotton undergarments that allow air in on the vaginal area.

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