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Thrush Remedies

Thrush RemediesOne of the most painful types of infection that a person can experience is thrush. A type of yeast infection, it is also one of the more embarrassing health conditions because of one of the most well-known symptoms associated with thrush; vaginal or penile discharges when the disease affects the genitals, or the presence of yellowish and ill-smelling growth on the mouth in the case of oral thrush. Apart from these embarrassing symptoms, thrush also creates a general feeling of fatigue, sleepiness, and red swelling and soreness on the affected area. If you find yourself a victim of the disease, one of the best steps for you to take is to use some effective thrush remedies.

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Natural Approach

Alternative thrush remedies that are accessible and cheap have long been known, especially since this type of yeast infection has been occurring for a very long time. If you want to take the natural approach to curing thrush, there are several homemade treatment options. One of the most popular is the use of yogurt. This works because of the presence of lactobacilli strain in the drink, which naturally inhibits the growth of the Candida albicans bacteria which causes thrush. If you use this option, however, make sure that you are using undiluted and unflavored yogurt, as the processed versions sometimes have lesser lactobacilli content. Yogurt is used in several ways. It can be taken orally, or applied on the genitals. Since application is often messy, the usual techniques are to dip tampons in yogurt for females, which are then inserted into the vagina. For males, a strip of cloth may be dipped into the drink then wrapped around the penis.


One of the most common thrush remedies that can be found at home is garlic. One of the most multi-functional foods around that provide relief to various types of diseases including heart ailments, garlic also naturally contains antifungal properties that can eradicate thrush. It can be taken in pills and ointments which may be bought in leading drug stores nationwide, or a clove may be swallowed whole. Do this as frequently as possible for instant relief.

Oils and Gels

Malaleuca oil can also be applied on the affected area as a thrush remedy to bring instant relief. This oil is bought in many drug stores. An alternative to Malaleuca oil, however, is the use of Aloe Vera gel to remove the symptoms of itching, swelling, redness and sensitivity. These thrush remedies, while providing instant relief, should be used with other treatments that focus on reducing the number of Candida albicans bacteria in the body, apart from simply providing temporary if quick relief.

Over the Counter Drugs

Finally, you can always try over the counter drugs as one of your thrush remedies. In general, these drugs work with use of antifungal bases such as Clotrimazole, Butoconazole, or Econazole, which are either taken in pill form or applied on the surface of the skin as an ointment or cream. These drugs can provide fast relief to sufferers of thrush but often the relief is short lived. Over the counter thrush medications frequently provide only temporary relief due to focusing on eliminating the symptomsof thrush, not the underlying causes.

For permanent relief of thrush, consider using a natural treatment plan. These offer many advantages including permanent relief. By using a natural treatment plan, you'll also be sparred from harmful side effects that are often present when using over the counter medications.

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