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Thrush in Men

Thrush in MenThe human body is filled with many types of microorganisms, and in many cases, people actually have traces of the Candida albicans or other variants of the Candida bacteria, which causes candidiasis, a common fungal infection that is also the primary cause of thrush in men. While there are normally a number of beneficial bacteria that is present in the human body, an infection develops when the number of bacteria in the body explodes and becomes what is commonly known as thrush.

Thrush is an oral yeast infection. Similar to the vaginal and oral infections that are also caused by Candida, some of the common symptoms of the thrush in men is the presence or increased production of smegma, which is a cheesy and thick excretion that develops under the foreskin in uncircumcised males. Other symptoms are itching, the presence of red spots, swelling, and a general feeling of discomfort as long as the condition remains untreated.

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Some of the common reasons why thrush in men develops are because of bad hygiene. In general, a daily shower that includes the cleaning of the head of the penis as well as the foreskin is enough to prevent the disease. While not a sexually transmitted disease per se, and while research shows that men who do not engage in much sexual activity actually develop the disease at greater rates than other men, it is also important to know that yeast infections can also be acquired when the penis comes into contact with women who have vaginal yeast infections or candidiasis. Aside from contact with people who have yeast infection and aside from faulty hygiene, another leading cause of thrush in men is physical conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

If you experience these symptoms of yeast infection, there are several treatment options that are widely available. One of the homemade cures that some people still go to is the use of yogurt to treat thrush. The logic behind this treatment option is that yogurt naturally contains lactobacillus, which are healthy, and naturally occurring bacteria that fight Candida bacteria in the body. It is applied in various ways, depending on the type of yeast infection. For oral infection, yogurt is taken in through drinking. For thrush in men, the yogurt is applied on the glans or the head of the penis. There are, however, obvious difficulties with applying amounts of yogurt on the penis. Generally, doing so is very messy. To perform this type of treatment, the patient must be at home and with enough free time and spare rags for cleaning up afterwards. Use pieces of cloth that are dipped in yogurt, and wrap these around the glans of the penis.

Today, however, most men choose other medical treatments, such as the various over the counter creams, ointments, and tablets that have been formulated for general yeast infections, including thrush for men. Among the common drugs that can be used to treat this condition are tablets that have fluconazole as the active ingredient, or creams with clotrimazole. In general, however, all treatment means should be accompanied by hygiene as well as treatment of the partner, in cases where the person to be treated has acquired the disease from a partner with yeast infection.

When considering what treatment plan to choose, men should keep in mind that many over-the-counter treatments provide temporary results at best. This is due to the fact that they treat the symptoms of the condition and not the underlying root causes.

Natural treatment plans such as "Yeast Infection No More" focus on treating the root causes of yeast overgrowth and as such have a very high success rate. Yeast Infection No More is a natural treatment plan meaning that there are no known side effects when using this method.

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