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Signs of Yeast Infection

Signs of Yeast InfectionBecause of various factors such as increased body temperature, improper hygiene, and infection from contact with other patients suffering from the condition, yeast infection can result. The results are obvious when the disease has reached full maturity. In males, it is visible in the swelling of the glans and the penis and the development of smegma or a thick and cheesy smelling excretion that develops under the foreskin and in the glans of the penis. In women, it can become a red and very irritated vagina.

There are, however, earlier signs of yeast infection that you should watch out for in order to avoid the development of the disease.

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Basic Signs

The basic signs of yeast infection to watch out for are the development of allergies, chronic chest congestion, sinus problems, and asthma. This is due to the increased weakening of the immune system which often underpins the development of yeast infections. Chronic fatigue and lethargy or sleepiness is also another of the most common signs of yeast infection to watch out for. This is also because of the weakened immune system, and because of the body’s attempt to restore the balance of good and bad microorganisms by itself.

Because yeast infections in both males and females are often found in the penis and in the vagina, one of the other signs of yeast infection is the development of urinary tract infections. In the males, this is caused by the entry of smegma and other Candida rich discharges into the urinary track, while in females it is caused by the vaginal discharge which easily flows into the urinary track.

Physical Problems

Physical problems such as heartburn, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation are other signs of yeast infection. Because of this, it is important to remember that yeast infection does not only manifest in the usual yellow covering that is the common development in patients with acute yeast infection.

Mental Problems

Mental problems can also arise from yeast infection, such as attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder especially in children. Poor memory, anxiety, and depression are also other signs which are often the result of the body’s immune system responding to the increase in the Candida albicans bacteria in the body, resulting in a chain reaction that can affect the mental health of the patient.

Finally, among the other signs of yeast infection is the development of cravings such as for alcohol. Other cravings that can develop are for sweet and sugar rich foods such as honey, cake, and other types of confection. This is especially problematic since one of the leading foods that foster the development of yeast infection are those that are high in gluten and processed carbohydrates, such as processed and sugary food pastries.

If you are experiencing any of these signs of yeast infection, consult a doctor immediately for diagnosis or use a natural yeast infection treatment plan. Start treatment and medication quickly as yeast grows explonentially and is usually a condition that doesn't just go away by itself. With prompt action and immediate detection, yeast infections are also one of the easiest diseases to cure.

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