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Recurring Yeast Infections

Recurring Yeast InfectionsCandidiasis or yeast infections caused by the Candida albicans yeast bacteria is one of the most frequently occurring conditions that fall on women (and a large number of men). Approximately three out of every four women will experience the condition at one point in their life, from as early as the teen years to as late as the post-menstrual years. Any woman who has suffered from a yeast infection knows the potentially extreme discomfort that the infection can bring. Out of the 75 percent who experience the disease, however, up to half will experience recurring yeast infections.

With a case of simple yeast infection, most women will contact a medical professional for help, or immediately use the wide variety of over the counter medication that is taken orally or applied on the vagina for treating the yeast infection. However, time and again, recurring yeast infections still occur. There are several explanations behind the recurrence of yeast infections. To better understand the best means to control the condition, the basics of candidiasis should be learned.

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Candidiasis occurs when an outbreak of the Candida albicans bacteria takes place. In women, this frequently happens in genital yeast infections, since the vagina is one of the most conducive places for the development of yeast infection. The Candida bacteria thrive best in places that are wet and humid, such as the vagina. In general, however, anyone can have a case of yeast infection since the Candida strain is naturally occurring in the digestive tract as well as other moist cavities of the body such as the mouth and the genitals. It can also happen to men, resulting in penile yeast infection, in children, and in the elderly. With recurring yeast infections, there are several causes.

Recurring yeast infections are often the result of lifestyles. Today, there are medications that can effectively remove signs of infection of up to 90 percent with as little as one treatment session. Because of the very effective drugs today, the recurrence of yeast infections only points to lifestyle caused yeast infections. An example is faulty hygiene. The healthy human body naturally has defenses against the outbreaks of yeast infections. When body organs such as the vagina are kept unclean, however, yeast infections may develop time and again. Another lifestyle caused yeast infection is the use of tight clothing. The restrictive clothes often add to the heat in the body, causing humidity within the clothes and moisture to develop on the skin throughout the day. This becomes very problematic in the genital area which is usually not sufficiently ventilated, making the conditions for bacterial development easy.

Finally, stressful lifestyles can also cause recurring yeast infections because of the cumulative effect that it brings on the health and the immune system. Included in the stressful lifestyle are unhealthy habits such as excessive drinking of beer which is made from yeast processed grains, or excessive smoking, which significantly reduces how effectively the immune system responds.


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