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Penile Yeast Infection

Penile Yeast InfectionThe most commonly occurring type of yeast infection in males is known as the penile yeast infection, and is often caused by the outbreak of bacteria known as Candida albicans. There are various other strains of the Candida bacteria, as well as other yeast microorganisms that can cause yeast infections, but the Candida albicans variety is most frequent because it is a naturally occurring microorganism usually found in the digestive tract as well as in other moist and warm parts of the body.


In general, yeast infections are particular to women who have greater chances of experiencing a Candida albicans outbreak because of the moist and humid organs of the female body, such as the vagina. However, there can be natural outbreaks of a yeast infection in the body, such as when the man has been subject to antibacterial medication which greatly reduces the level of good bacteria in the body.

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In general, however, the most usual causes of penile yeast infection are transmission caused by sexual activity with a woman who has the condition. In most cases, the male will only develop a mild infection that is usually unnoticeable except for some itching in the genitals, and the condition is often best identified when the woman is diagnosed. Naturally, if there has been sexual activity between the couple, chances are the infection has spread.

Other Infection Sources

There are other factors that play a role in the development of penile yeast infection, however, such as faulty hygiene. When a male does not include the regular washing of the glans or the head of the penis and the foreskin in his daily shower, it may lead to conditions that make the development of the disease possible. Apart from hygiene, another usual cause is the use of excessively tight clothes and synthetic fibers in the underwear. Because the skin cannot breathe with synthetic fibers and tightly fitting clothes, the genital area develops greater heat and moisture, which simulates conditions ideal for yeast infections.

Food is also another frequent source of penile yeast infection. In general, the stomach is the usual spot where natural outbreaks of the Candida albicans bacteria occur. This bacterium occurs naturally in the body. In healthy males, the body has enough defenses, ranging from the immune system to a host of so-called good bacteria such as lactobacilli which inhibit the growth of the Candida strain, but when the person is sick, the natural defenses may falter leading to the development of the disease.

Treatment of a Penile Yeast Infection

Once you have developed penile yeast infection, the important thing to keep in mind is that the twenty first century comes equipped with a variety of treatments to make sure that your infection does not cause damage, if the condition is treated immediately. There are several options available for treatment. Among the most commonly used is the application of topical ointments with antifungal properties, or the ingestion of antifungal pills. These types of treatments are easily accessible but all too often provide only temporary relief as they don't focus on the root cause of the infection. Natural yeast infection treatment plans are a far more holistic approach and are more likely to provide lasting results. Natural cures are also free of harmful side effects which are quite common in over the counter products.

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