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Infant Yeast Infection

Infant Yeast InfectionOne of the medical conditions that should be avoided in newborns is infant yeast infection. Caused by the naturally occurring bacteria known as Candida, yeast infections occur in both adults and children. In children, the condition is often identified through symptoms such as crying, frequently throwing away of the pacifier or feeding bottle, general discomfort and irritation especially on the part of the body affected with the disease. If your infant is suffering from any of these symptoms, have your child checked for yeast infection immediately.

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Among the common effects of infant yeast infection is the presence of gas or bloating of the infant’s stomach, the development of thick excretions in the body’s moist and warm openings such as the mouth and the genital areas, muscle stress and aching, fatigue, and generally a lack of energy. The most common places where infant yeast infection occurs are in the genital areas, and when yeast infection develops in these places, the term that is commonly used is diaper rash. It can, however, become much more serious, such as when the condition travels to the vagina of the female infant, or the glans of the penis of the male infant. This happens especially since infants are often uncircumcised. Other symptoms of infant yeast infection are the development of nail bed infections, where the underside of the fingernail acquires a yellowish discoloration because of the growth of the bacteria on these parts.

If your child is suffering from infant yeast infection, there are several areas that the parent or guardian must immediately look into. Check to see if the pacifier and the feeding bottles that come into contact with the child’s mouth are sterilized and clean. Also, look at the types of food that the child consumes. The food should be low on gluten and processed carbohydrates, such as most types of processed grains. Also avoid giving the infants all types of fruits that contain Candida bacteria in small amounts, especially if the child is undergoing antibiotic treatment, which can weaken the child’s immune system. It is also important for the child to have a strong immune system, which can be developed through exercise suited for infants as well as by giving the infant vitamin and mineral supplements to boost the immune system.

Other reasons for the development of yeast infection are humid and warm weather. The excess moisture and heat in the air can sometimes make the child more susceptible to infections, especially if there are other factors present such as weakened immune system response as well as the presence of antibiotics.

In general, treating Candida related infant yeast infection is dealt with preventively. However, once the disease becomes present in the infant, it is important to seek medical help to prevent the disease from continuing. A doctor may prescribe various treatment options such as pills and creams to relieve the symptoms of infant yeast infection, as well as to retain the balance of microorganisms in young infants to levels that allow for natural regulation of the Candida yeast levels in the infant’s body.

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