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Homeopathic Yeast Infection Cures

Homeopathic Yeast Infection CuresHomeopathy is a philosophy of the vitality intensive variety. This means that it interprets diseases as a disturbance of the life force of a human being. These disturbances are then manifested in the body in the form of symptoms. But these symptoms and diseases can be cured by the use of the diluted forms of various substances with little or no pharmacological value. This is the basis of homeopathic yeast infection cures that may be available to you.

This type of remedy is not limited to homeopathic yeast infection cures but also covers a wide range of illnesses and pains. Homeopathy has gained popularity in recent years and is going into wide use in Europe where most French and German doctors prescribe it. In these countries, homeopathic remedies are now covered by the social security system and often enjoy an over the counter status in more and more pharmacies and drug stores. The has also gained a foothold in Asia, specifically in China where it has been both practice and tradition for centuries and in India where it was popularized and supported by Mahatma Gandhi.

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In the US, finding the right homeopathic yeast infection cures that are just right for you is easy. It is widely known that more and more people, women in particular, are moving towards alternative means of curing illnesses. These are more preferable for them because they exhibit little or no side effects. The homeopathic yeast infection cures that you will find here are no exceptions. While you may opt for buying antibiotics, creams or suppositories in the drugstores to treat the infection, there is an easier and safer way to cure it with items that may be found in your house or can be bought at a lower cost than the aforementioned drugs.

* Yogurt is an excellent source of yeast fighting bacteria of the Lactobacillus strain. If you are currently not getting a daily intake of yogurt or as an addition to your regular diet, then it would be advisable to start immediately. You may ask women who take daily doses of this food if they get yeast infections often and the most likely response will be a no. You may also use it as a douche or by applying it directly on to the vagina.

* Cranberry juice has had the distinction of curing bladder infection but it can also be used to cure yeast infections. This is because it can change the acidity of the secretions in the vagina and halt the overproduction of yeast. Be sure that the juice is without sugar as yeast will feed and thrive on it.

* Garlic is also a good alternative because it has proven antifungal properties and yeast is basically fungus. Make sure to have a daily intake of clove garlic either alone or as an addition to your food. It can also be directly applied to the vagina by wrapping it in clean cheesecloth and leaving it in overnight.

Remember that these homeopathic yeast infection cures will take a bit longer than the creams and antibiotics that you are used to. However, they are natural and will have very little side effects. It would still be a good idea to visit a physician if the symptoms keep occurring.

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