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Chronic Yeast Infection

Chronic Yeast InfectionA chronic yeast infection, simply put is a yeast infection that keeps occurring over a period of time which can be weeks, months or even years. A typical yeast infection is caused by a naturally occurring fungus called Candida. The medical term for a yeast infection, candidiasis is derived from this name. As said before, this fungus is naturally occurring in the body and there are a number of yeast cells that are present in the body. However, the yeast is countered and balanced by probiotic agents or good bacteria in the body like certain Lactobacillus strains.

Some cases of chronic yeast infection are not chronic at all and may just be a result of poor hygiene, an improper diet or the frequent use of harmful chemicals that can be found in detergents and perfumes. They can also be the result of frequent and regular sexual intercourse with partners that may have the same type of infection. If you think you suffer from a yeast infection, it's a good idea to consult with a physician since you may or may not have a chronic yeast infection. It would also be preferable if you saw a specialist such as a gynecologist if you're a woman or urologist if you're a man since this disease can occur in both sexes.

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In most cases of the normal yeast infections, they can be treated easily and are not really associated with any other serious health conditions. But in the case of a chronic yeast infection, it may be a symptom of a larger and more serious disease or health impairment. It can be a symptom of HIV or the early onset of AIDS because these diseases attack and weaken the body's immune system making it more susceptible and unable to balance the number of yeast cells in the body. It is the same with serious diseases like diabetes and leukemia these also undermine the immune system. It is therefore an imperative to get tested for these more serious ailments when it has been confirm that you have this type of infection.

This disease can also be caused by external factors. If you are taking birth control pills on a regular basis, then it is possible that the shift in the hormone balance caused by these pills is the cause. Birth control pills dose your body with certain hormones that fool your body to thinking it is pregnant already, thus preventing conception. However, this also upsets your hormone balance leading to a change in the PH level of the vagina's environment. This may cause a more favorable condition for the naturally occurring yeast cells which will allow them to reproduce rapidly within and around the vagina.

Before consulting a physician about your suspected chronic yeast infection, it would be best to come prepared. You can make a journal or a schedule of occurrence for the infection. Also be ready for regular visits to the hospital because they will need a culture of every recurring instance of the infection that will require samples. In any case be sure to follow and observe your physician's orders for the treatment of the infection.

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