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Causes of Yeast Infection

Causes of Yeast InfectionsOne of the most frequently occurring yeast infections is that caused by the outbreak of Candida albicans microorganisms. A normal resident in a healthy human body, the Candida is found in very small amounts in the body and with usual health, the built-in defense systems in the body are sufficient in regulating the microorganisms from breaking out. There are several factors, however, which can cause the immune system and the other bodily defenses to weaken, causing an increase in the Candida levels I the body. Among the common causes of yeast infection are the following:

Sexual Contact

Sexual contact with somebody infected with yeast infection is the simplest of all causes of yeast infection. This is often through sexual contact and often involves genital yeast infection. the common areas which are afflicted with yeast infection are the vagina and the penis, and because these are also some of the most moist parts of the body that are usually covered in clothes and kept warmer than the rest of the body, they are also the most conducive to the development of yeast infections.

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Oral Contamination

Another leading cause of yeast infection is through the use of utensils that were used by a person infected with the condition. This is also one of the leading causes of yeast infection in infants, although in the case of infants, a person afflicted with the disease may not necessarily use the feeding bottle. But handling the pacifier and other infant feeding materials can lead to contamination. In infants, another leading source of yeast infection is from breastfeeding from a mother who has the disease. Sometimes, during pregnancy, a child can also acquire the disease by passing through the vagina of a mother who has an untreated yeast infection.

Weakened Immune System

Since the Candida albicans is normally occurring in the body, the weakening of the immune system is another of the most common causes of yeast infection. One of the leading causes of weakened immune systems is the use of antibacterial medication during the course of other types of treatment, such as to fight other medical conditions. The antibacterial drugs can sometimes cause the death of other beneficial bacteria in the body that are actually part of the body’s defenses against infections. An example is drugs that can kill lactobacillus bacteria which help in the digestion of food and which fight Candida albicans.

In general, however, prevention is better than cure when it comes to yeast infections. Through good hygiene practices, the disease can be easily prevented. It is also best for the patient to conduct a holistic approach to boosting the immune system through the use of vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as through a good diet and daily exercise. Whatever the cause of yeast infection always seek immediate treatment. There are various over the counter drugs and natural remedies to eradicate yeast infection. Natural treatment plans are recommended in favor of over the counter medications due to the fact that they are more likely to provide long term relief. Natural treatment plans are also free of harmful side effects which are common amongst over the counter products.

Whatever you choose, make sure you take action to treat your condition as soon as possible. Yeast grows exponentially and very rarely "just goes away" by itself. You need to take action to cure it.

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